Employee Notification 

  • A Dashboard will be provided at the first login of each day when the grid is first loaded.  This will provide the user with a breakdown of the status of the business.    This notification can be turned off per employee from within the Employee Setup.

Vehicle Slide Outs Modification

  • The maximum slide outs for a vehicle has been increased from 5 to a maximum of 8 slide outs

Business Search Modification

  • A Member# search option has been added to Business Search tab in Client search area


  • No new Reports


Hotel Daily Rate Improvements - Time Period Setup

  • A user utilizing the hotel Daily Rates configuration can set the excess period to itself thus allowing the daily rate to continue throughout until a rate change


Email Log baseline interface

  • This will provide users with the ability to track, read and update the status of emails sent through the system. The emails will be filtered based on being Failed Delivery, Delivered or if Pending. Further detail of each log can be viewed by selecting the desired log and clicking the Event(s) button.

To access, go to:
a) Menu
b) Admin
c) Email Log

Payment Gateway Manager 

  • The Date Limit time-frame has expanded to 31 days

An Unresolved Payment Transaction

  • This will no longer be generated if the user only tried to store Credit Card details

Bug Fixes

  • Online Hover Text now displaying for Test Environment
  • Settlement Type Priority Order reflected in Perform Cut off panel
  • Online Discount issue rectified
  • Client Editor merge issue - No longer keeps the original client selected after a merge is completed
  • Split issue rectified
  • Booking Fee issue for Accrual Businesses rectified