No new features


Long Term Statement 

  • Most Recent Payment
  • Accrual Reservation Invoice - By Date Range to not include AR 
  • Accrual Group Reservation Invoice - By Date Range to not include AR Transfer
  • Product Summary group by GL 


No new features


New Console Log-In  

  • A new login screen is now in place

New Security Enhancements

  • New security enhancements have been applied

Analytics Panels

- When the Analytics is loaded, the charts will no longer automatically load when the page is initialized.   Overview page will now prompt for a year drop-down on each of the 4 charts that can be selected.   

This process will drastically reduce load time.

Bug Fixes

  • Information in Client Custom Fields not appearing online
  • Edit charges screen does not pull the correct tax percentage when in a tentative state when done for a future tax change
  • Map does not indicate when the business is closed. It shows units as available visually
  • Same day check in and Out is not allowed in Rez Objects
  • Online Booking Interface not starting on 1st Open Date
  • The add button on the Client relationships window is not doing anything at all. No error is being thrown,  
  • Links missing from pre-auto emails for generic reports
  • Test button in Marketing emails-hyperlinks not inserting for test email