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Split a reservation multiple times 

Users can now easily split a reservation multiple times. This can easily be done by clicking the Split button within the Guest Folio and selecting the desired date for the reservation to be split. 

Split Reservation Balance Settlement

There is now the ability to Check Out sections of a split reservation with a balance.  All the reservations within this split reservation can now be checked out except for the last reservation within the group.   The group reservation balance must be settled to check out the last reservation in the group.

Arrivals/Departures (Marina)

The client Name will be replaced with the Vessel Name(Vehicle).

Please Contact Us to implement this feature.

Client Search

When searching for Vehicle Registration or Vehicle Name, the search no longer has to be exact but will by default show everything that starts with the string entered. When the Any Part of Field option is ticked, it will return any vehicle where the entered strings fall within the value.

Unresolved Payment Gateway Trans

When the link for an Unresolved Payment Gateway Trans is clicked, the log in pertaining to the confirmation number highlighted in a soft red and in view to making them easier to find.

Charge Change Dialog Automatically After Rez Date Change or Type Change After Check

Previously, this module will load the charge change dialog when a date has changed or when a unit type has changed if the reservation is checked-in. The charge change dialog will now load no matter the status the reservation is in and also in Groups.

New Sale/Quote

When this panel first loads, the cursor will default into the Scan or Enter Product Code field. Then after the “Post” button is clicked, the cursor will go back to the Scan or Enter Product Code field.

DTM Views

Ability to add start times and allowable booking intervals have been added to the Grid View setup for DTM views


New Accrual Business Reports

  •  Statement Roll-up Tentative

  • Group Roll-up Statement Tentative

  • Reservation Group statement summary

  • Reservation Statement summary roll-up

  • Group Roll-up invoice – By Date Range.

  • Accrual Reservation Invoice – By Date Range.

Arrival Report - Vehicle Name Display

This will display the Arrival Report  but will display the Vessel Name and Length on the report 

Departure Report - Vehicle Name Display

This will display the Departure Report  but will display the Vessel Name and Length on the report

Registered Guests - Vehicle Name Display

This will display the Registered Guest Report  but will display the Vessel Name and Length on the report 

Trial Balance With Rate Group Breakdown

This is a copy of the Trial Balance By Rate Group however it is by the regular unit type gl numbers and grouping the Unit Type & Occupant products by Rate Group.

GL Detail and GL Summary

Now provide the quantity for each product sold based on the date range

GL Verification Report

This report will break out the GL number to indicate whether its a revenue or an expense GL number

Perm Reservation Tax Invoice Statement

Any current Security Deposits will now display on the Perm Reservation Tax Invoice/Statement


Map Setup – Colour Selector

Users can now enter the code for the specified desired colour.

GL Setup – Vehicle Type GL Number tab

This will allow users to assign GL numbers to vehicles for statistical information on how many vehicles were assigned per Unit Type and Length Occupied (in beta).

Grid View Setup

4 additional fields related to the new DTM booking interface have been added

  • Description
  • ResortWeb flag
  • Code
  • Image Upload.

Business Setup 

The Online Settings & Preferences tables have been split into two columns.   


New Export Options 

New exports are now available in *.csv format from within the Import/Export Utilities option- 

  • General Ledger Detail 
  • General Ledger Summary
  • Trial Balance with Rate Group Breakdown

New Permission Customization

The “Add Account” permission has been made available to users.  This will allow users to assign which roles have access to create an AR account for a client.  This can be done from within the Security Group setup.

Online Booking Interface

Previously the online interface default date displayed would have been always the 1st or the 15th where availability occurred.  This process has now been adjusted to display the First Available Date.

Recover your Password

The requirement to know the business number has been removed


Meters products' price per Unit setting can now be up to 10 decimal places. 

Marina Business Module

When this module is turned on at the operation level the term “Vehicle” should be substituted for “Vessel”. “License Plate” should be substituted for Registration Number.

Edit Charges – Charge Change Dialog – This area will now display the start date of the charge in reference.

Arrival / Departure Export

The vehicle name is now available in the export

Rate Plan Manager – Export Rate Data

The export is now available for the View Rates and View Inventory options

Note: A Unit Type must be selected for export button to be available

Bug Fixes

  • Grid Hover Displays now adjust with LDC settings

  • Report Fixes 

    • Final daily closure is duplicating the values when it is undone and then recreated.
    • Vehicle pass report adjusted so the fold would be on the perforated line
    • Duplicate check-in form adjusted so the fold would be in the center
  • Unit Count Fix in Type Revenue and Occupancy panel and Unit Type Setup

  • Check-In time adjusted back after a reservation has been checked in issue rectified

  • Vehicles are not being assigned to a client when the reservation is made from the online booking pages issue has been fixed

  • Group DTM bookings no longer skip a unit.

  • The grid till tape display has been fixed in the group booking summary

  • Arrival Report with Client Comments/Arrival Report with Employee Comments display fix

  • The Widgets in the Theme editor have been removed

  • Speed Enhancements
    • Enhancements have been applied to the Arrivals/Departures panel and the export functionality in that panel

  • Quickbooks Online Trial Balance export has been fixed and the information is tabulated.

  • CTO Online Booking Interface – Occupant rates are now displaying for DTM.

  • CTO Online Booking Interface – DTM time selection issue has been fixed. 

  • Online Map Interface – Selected Unit text display issue fixed

  • Group Reservation handling issue rectified where multiple users were working on the same group simultaneously

  • Online Deposit Policy changing when reservation adjusted fixed

  • Length Sensitive rate groups no longer charge occupant rates using the length sensitive setting.

  • Error message no longer coming up when making a pencil-in on some DTM units. 

  • Unresolved Payment Gateway Trans message no longer shows on brand new reservations.

  • Owner Account Summary is now displaying correctly.

  • Rate Plan Manager 

    • View Inventory Rate Plan view the Zero (0) being displayed for the last date has been rectified

  • VOB Check-In Form

    • Change request vehicle Information removed

  • Widget Occupant #s selected prior to viewing the Online Booking page is not displaying on the Online Booking page. Defaults to 1 no matter what # of occupants or type you select. 

    • Account Only Settlement Type not showing in GL Detail or GL Summary report has been rectified

  • Marketing Emails for Standard Group – Client being sent an email for each booking instead of receiving one

  • Accrual Reservation split fix

  • Group DTM bookings skip a unit in the middle

  • Speed Enhancements-  Enhancements have been applied to the Arrivals/Departures panel and the export functionality in that panel

  • Miscellaneous Fixes.